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Private Loan Program

Long-Term Investment Loan  


  • Term of 60 months or less

  • 6% Interest only monthly payments

  •  3 points paid at payoff for 2nd Liens and 1 point for 1st Liens



  • Loans are First or Second Position

  • Lenders Title Policy paid by borrower

  • Hazard Insurance with Lender Named as “Additional Insured” 

  • Attorney drafted Note and Deed of Trust recorded with the County

  • Closing at a Title Company



  • We email Investor with rough details about transaction to gauge interest/ability to fund (Loan amount date etc)

  • If investor is interested, we send Property analysis with, rehab budget, tax data, comps, photos, loan details, etc

  • If Investor would like to move forward, we send info to attorney to draft docs for review

  • Investor can review Docs, Title Commitment, Insurance, etc

  • Investor Wires money to Title Company for Closing

  • Investor receives monthly payments by transfer or check

  • Once property is fixed and sold, the Title Company will wire the loan amount back to the Investor.


Example of 1st Lien Rental Loan

  •  Current Value                                                                                         $275,000.00 

  • Proposed new 1st Lien                                                                          $200,000.00

  • Total Loan to Value  73%

  • Monthly Interest only payments (6%)                                                        $1000.00


Total paid over 60 month life of loan:                                             

Interest  $60,000.00

1 point, paid at payoff  $2000.00

Total $62,000.00


Example of 2nd Lien Rental Loan 

6103 London Dr. Austin, TX. 78745


  • Current Value                                                                                          $425,000.00 

  • Current 1st Lien                                                                                      $250,000.00

  • Proposed New 2nd lien                                                                            $50,000.00

  • Total Loan to Value  71%

  • Monthly Interest only payments (6%)                                                          $250.00


Total paid over 60 month life of loan:

Interest $15,000.00

3 points $750.00

Total $15,750.00

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