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Meet Daliah Maurer

Daliah Maurer grew up in a small ski town in Switzerland to a Yemeni mother and a Swiss construction foreman. She is an avid world traveler, photographer and lover of Americana music. She studied photography in Switzerland and holds a BA in math from St. Edwards University. Her experiences around the world have shaped her passion for architecture and design. 


In 1994, Daliah moved to Austin, TX where she started a family and began her 20-year career as a math and special education teacher at Lake Travis High School. In 2018, she left teaching to join her husband Peter in his real estate business as Project Manager and Designer. She considers herself lucky to beautify homes in Austin, infusing unique and affordable designs.


Daliah’s eye for design has elevated the work of Pesoli Properties, bringing clean, modern elements to life in each renovation. With a passion for creativity, she considers abiding by the rules boring and thrives on the unexpected!

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